About Us

Starting as helpers or extra hands on projects, the three founders of the company came from nothing. One with a background in cabeling and law enforcement, another with a background in flooring and security, and another with a background of mechanics and retail installation. We all converged and met each other through joining the same company in 2011.

We all have been commercial installers or Specialty Contractors from 2011 working our way up the ropes learning almost everything about construction. We have worked with companies like Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Dollar General, JCPenny, Coach, Lululemon, Best Buy, Apple, Nike, Adidas, UnderArmor and many many more.

Unfortunately, We have worked for a company with no growth or room for self improvement. We wasted the best 12 years of our younger life working a dead end job improving others lives and we were tired of not doing something to improve our own lives. So, We decided to go into business for ourselves and join together to create a company where prices are competable and the work is 100% everytime.

We want to bring customers a group of people that actually cares about their projects and not just what their going to spend to get it done. We do not agree with quantity over quality and will work with each customer as if they were part of our family to bring them the satisfaction we all look for when needing help with a project. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your taken care of and knowing that when you choose our company you made the right choice.

We will go above and beyond to prove ourselves as a new company. 2023, will be the first year that we branch out on our own as owners and hope for many new clients and reoccuring customers. We guarantee that if you put your faith in us to finish your project you will gain the satisfaction your looking for. Please take the time to check out our gallery.

When requesting services your information will not be shared so please leave your name, telephone number and a picture of your project or project area and a brief description of your project. Thank you for choosing On Point Installations we hope to make both your dreams and ours come true.